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Day 3 – Keep pushing

August 3rd, 2023

5:15 am

Woke up prior to my alarm at 4:30 am. Feeling a little tired even though I’ve been sleeping a little earlier. I’m sure with the injury and added workout that’s why I feel this a bit. Today is bike, mobility & walk so I should gain some energy back from today.

10:38 am

Definitely dragging ass today. I have cut back on the caffeine in the mornings, so this could also be contributing to being low energy today.

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Follow a Diet

Below is what I ate today:

  • Post Workout
    • Shake – 2 Scoops of Optimum Nutrition Whey
  • Breakfast
    • 2 Scrambled eggs with 4 Sausage Links
  • Lunch
    • Caesar Salad with grilled chicken
  • Dinner
    • Panda Express String Bean Chicken, Mushroom chicken with 2 scoops of rice

2 workouts of at least 45 Minutes (one must be outside):

  1. Workout # 1 6:10 am
    • Bike
      • 1 hr
    • Stretching
      • 30 Minutes total w/ 15 in the sauna
  2. Workout # 2 4:01 pm
    • 2 Mile Walk

1 Gallon of Water

Finished at 7:16 pm

Read at least 10 pages

“7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

Habit 2: Begin with the end in mind

Summary of what I read today:

  • All things are created twice
    • There’s a mental – first creation then a physical second creation.
  • I took as something with visualization. We visualize what we want the end goal to be but it’s first created in the mental space prior to actually happening. I quote “You have to believe it first before seeing it” comes into mind.

Day 2 Reflection:


  • Begin with the end in mind. Today I was dragging ass a little bit. That extra workout and cutting some calories has taken a little bit off me today but by looking at what I want to accomplish. Visualizing myself “crossing” the finish line I was able to get through it. There will be harder and easy days. We just have to stay consistent and keep pushing forward.

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