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Day 18 – Improve daily

August 18th, 2023

10:45 pm

Woke up a little before my alarm and was ready to tackle the day. I feel I am in rhythm with 75 hard and at times get a little anxious to make sure I have checked off all the boxes within the task.

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Follow a Diet

Below is what I ate today:

  • Post Workout
    • 2 scoops of optimum nutrition whey
  • Breakfast
    • N/A
  • Lunch
    • Ham Sandwich with an egg
  • Dinner
    • Feta Pasta with 8 oz of thin sliced rib eye

2 workouts of at least 45 Minutes (one must be outside):

  1. Workout #1 6:02 am
    • Superset
      • Pull Down
      • Push Ups
    • Lat Pull Down
    • Incline Press
    • Overhead Shoulder Press
    • Lateral Raise Complex
    • Leg Raises
    • Crunches
  2. Workout #2 4:15 pm
    • 45 min walk 1.68 miles

1 Gallon Of Water

Read at least 10 pages

“7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

Summary of what I read today:

  • The Upward Spiral
    • Proactive Approach: Starting with being proactive (Habit 1), you take control of your actions and responses, influencing positive outcomes.
    • Begin with the End in Mind: By setting clear goals and priorities (Habit 2), you have a clear direction, guiding your efforts toward meaningful achievements.
    • Put First Things First: Organizing and prioritizing tasks based on importance (Habit 3) ensures that your efforts align with your goals, leading to effective time management.
    • Think Win-Win: Interacting with others in a mutually beneficial way (Habit 4) cultivates trust and cooperation, fostering positive relationships.
    • Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood: Practicing empathetic listening (Habit 5) enhances communication, leading to better understanding and more constructive interactions.
    • Synergize: Collaborating and appreciating diverse viewpoints (Habit 6) generate creative solutions and build stronger connections with others.
    • Sharpen the Saw: Continuously renewing yourself in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions (Habit 7) sustains personal growth and overall well-being.

As you practice these habits, the positive effects accumulate, creating an upward spiral of growth. Your proactive actions lead to clearer goals, efficient task management, improved relationships, better communication, creative problem-solving, and ongoing self-renewal. This upward spiral results in increased personal effectiveness, fulfillment, and positive impact on both your personal and professional life.

Day 18 Reflection:


  • Some days are easier than others but you just keep pushing forward regardless

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