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Day 17 – Listen to your body

August 17th, 2023

4:07 pm

Woke up right to my alarm at 5 am. Back to my usual habits of waking up early. I’ve been sleeping a little bit earlier now so I can get more sleep. This week I’ve made a conscious effort to try to be in bed by 9:30 pm. I’m now able to walk but the ankle is still a bit swollen. Baby steps and I’m hoping to be good to go by the weekend when I’ll try running if the swelling is down.

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Follow a Diet

Below is what I ate today:

  • Post Workout
    • 2 Scoops of Optimum Nutrition
  • Breakfast
    • 3 whole eggs
  • Lunch
    • Chipotle Double Chicken Bowl
  • Dinner
    • Jersey Mike’s Club Sandwich

2 workouts of at least 45 Minutes (one must be outside):

  1. Workout #1 6:30 am Bike & Mobility
    • Bike – 30 Minutes
    • Mobility Stretching – 30 minutes w/ 16 minutes in the sauna
  2. Workout #2 4:15 Neighborhood walk
    • 45 Minute Walk 1.31 Miles

1 Gallon Of Water

9:07 completed

Read at least 10 pages

“7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

Summary of what I read today:

  • 4 Dimensions of Renewal
  1. Physical Dimension: This dimension focuses on taking care of your body through proper nutrition, exercise, rest, and self-care. A healthy body provides the energy and vitality needed for productivity and overall well-being.
  2. Social/Emotional Dimension: This dimension emphasizes nurturing positive relationships and emotional well-being. Building strong connections, expressing empathy, and managing emotions contribute to a balanced and fulfilling life.
  3. Mental Dimension: Engaging in continuous learning, critical thinking, and expanding knowledge falls under this dimension. Stimulating your mind with new ideas and perspectives helps maintain mental sharpness and growth.
  4. Spiritual Dimension: This dimension involves finding meaning, purpose, and values in your life. It doesn’t necessarily refer to religious beliefs, but rather to understanding your principles, aligning actions with values, and seeking a sense of inner peace.

These four dimensions of renewal are crucial for maintaining a holistic sense of well-being and effectiveness. Balancing and nurturing each dimension contributes to a more fulfilled and harmonious life.

Day 17 Reflection:


  • It could take weeks to build a habit and only a few days to break it. Choose wisely.

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