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Day 13 – Trust the process

August 13th, 2023

10:54 pm

After being awake for over 20+ hour the previous day my body needed time to rest. I slept until 7 am and my body felt more recharged. Still felt tired but I still got my workouts in. My outside workout of walking was tough today because the gout on my ankle was flaring up which made walking very difficult. None the less i still did it. As long as I CAN do it I must do it.

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Follow a Diet

Below is what I ate today:

  • Post Workout
  • Breakfast
    • Had a big lunch
  • Lunch
    • 3 Whole eggs mixed with 5 tbsp of egg whites
    • Chicken Taco
  • Dinner
    • Rice, Beef Bulgogi and rib eye steak

2 workouts of at least 45 Minutes (one must be outside):

  1. Workout #1 10:30 am
    • 30 Minute Bike Ride
    • 30 Minute stretching
  2. Workout #24 4:45 pm
    • Neighborhood walk but struggled because of my right ankle/foot

1 Gallon Of Water

completed at 10:45 pm

Read at least 10 pages

“7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

Summary of what I read today:

  • finished win/win situation segment

Day 13 Reflection:


  • Some days will be better than others. The weekend can be tough to get through with 75 hard if you don’t have things in place to get you through. When you have a lot going on in your life you gotta account for that and get your task done as early as possible.

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