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Day 10 – Create a win/win situation

August 10th, 2023

10:14 pm

Changed up the routine a bit since today was run and mobility day. Did my running in the morning. Stuck to a longer jog walk and pushed during my last mile. Felt great and did mobility around lunch time.

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Follow a Diet

Below is what I ate today:

  • Post Workout
    • Shake – 2 Scoops of Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein
  • Breakfast
    • 3 Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Lunch
    • 3 Rubios Gourmet Grilled Steak Tacos
  • Dinner
    • Lemon Chicken Salad from O’s Kitchen

2 workouts of at least 45 Minutes (one must be outside):

  1. Workout #1 6:02 am
    • 4.35 Miles
    • 1:20:31 Time
    • 18:31 Pace
      • Mile 1 – 21:26
      • Mile 2 – 18:01
      • Mile 3 – 18:08
      • Mile 4 – 16:12
  2. Workout #2 12:45 pm
    • 22 Minutes Bike
    • 35 Minutes Stretching with 22 Minutes in the Sauna

1 Gallon Of Water

completed at 7:56 pm

Read at least 10 pages

“7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

Summary of what I read today:

  • Six Paradigms of Human Interaction
    1. Win/Win: This paradigm emphasizes seeking mutually beneficial solutions in interactions. It promotes cooperation, collaboration, and a mindset where all parties can win together rather than approaching situations as zero-sum games.
    2. Win/Lose: The Win/Lose paradigm is characterized by a competitive mindset, where one person’s success comes at the expense of others. It often leads to adversarial relationships and can hinder long-term cooperation.
    3. Lose/Win: This paradigm involves sacrificing one’s own needs and desires to accommodate others, often leading to feelings of resentment or manipulation. It can result in short-term harmony but may not foster genuine understanding or trust.
    4. Lose/Lose: In this paradigm, neither party achieves their desired outcomes, leading to a negative outcome for all involved. It signifies a lack of effective communication and problem-solving skills.
    5. Win: The Win paradigm involves focusing solely on personal success and goals without considering the needs or interests of others. While this can lead to individual achievement, it may neglect the importance of relationships and collaboration.
    6. Win/Win or No Deal: This paradigm stresses the importance of finding mutually beneficial solutions, but if such a solution cannot be reached, it suggests that it’s better to walk away from the interaction rather than settling for an arrangement that does not meet anyone’s needs.
  • These paradigms serve as frameworks for understanding how people approach interactions and negotiations. Covey encourages readers to adopt the Win/Win mindset to foster effective and meaningful relationships that benefit all parties involved.

Day 10 Reflection:


  • Make it a habit so it turns into a non negotiable.

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